Combining regular school and work is possible but to succeed depends on you

Our society is far advancing and so is the culture of working as a university or high school student, but to be successful at it is heavily dependent on you. Some students who decide to work and school mostly because they want extra income and in some cases, they want to compliment what they are thought in school with on-field experience and in the end upgrade their professional skills.

Different situations call for the growing trend of the culture of working and schooling at the same time and it actually depends on the individual.

Efo Korku Mawutor is a student of Ghana Institue of Journalism and is also a part-time worker at as well as runs a consulting firm, EKM Consulting. He started work on campus as an event organizer and hosted a public speaking training program and seminar,  KSASNOFO. The training program was held early this year, 2020 and it greatly impacted students with knowledge. 

Mawutor started working and schooling since Junior High School and has over that time built the ability to combine the two. His experience with working and schooling at the same time had been normal but difficult he said,

 “It is very difficult to work and school at the same time, but it is an ability that every young African should build in order to make it in life. Multitasking is the order of the new age and as such, your ability to work and school and excel means that you can handle a lot of things and still excel at them “. 

Have you ever thought about how you can go about working and schooling at the same time?

It is possible to combine schooling and work but it turns out to be difficult. To be successful at it depends on you, your self-discipline, and determination which will keep you on the go and not leaving out the use of technology, productive apps to keep your life more organized life. Below are some hacks to help you succeed at combining work and schooling; 

Hacks to succeed at combining regular work and school as a student.

First and foremost, one of the most important things to consider is planning. Have a clear plan on what you are up to, deadlines, how long to perform tasks, and set reminders. Ideas of plans are commonly written in notepads for reminders but with the introduction of technology you can adopt some applications that can help with the process, Google Keep can help you plan your day or activity on an easy note. You can also consider Google Assistant or Outlook. 

Again, your mentality counts. That is, seeing work and school as part of you and not as different activities, therefore, contributing to who you are and what you seek to achieve. Narrowing this situation to the student entrepreneur, Efo Mawutor, he connects what he has been taught in school to work. He is studying Journalism and Public Relations as well. At work, he volunteers at Campus TV and works at Premium Bank. He practices journalism at Campus TV and practices public relations at Premium Bank. When there is a connection to the things that you do and your education, it becomes easy to have a seamless plan for your life. 

Lastly, get peer accountability peers or partners. They are partners that are effective in helping their colleagues or other partners to reach their goals and stay on track. Partners can also be role models or mentors in your area of study or specification. Basically sharing your weekly plans, short or long term goals with them so as to achieve what you want. Available apps that can be used alongside are Google Assistant, Evernote, and Google Keep. 

In a nutshell, the norm of working and schooling is dependant on the individual which is, therefore, a possibility. Its difficulty is inevitable but can be coined normal and easier when planning, seeing the concept of work and school as same, getting accountability partners, and using productive apps are taken into consideration.


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