Combining Work and School; Ghanaians share tips on ways to succeed

The concept of schooling and working over the years has been adopted by individuals to keep their lives moving. Working and schooling is generally difficult but some persons, based on certain factors make it possible and easier.  It will depend on many factors, most especially time, finance and other reasons.

Basic reasons why individuals work and school are as follows :

1. To generate money : Money is loved by everyone as it is perceived to do all things. The love of money can push some interest of students in school to work alongside, with the aim of getting more money to lavish themselves.

2. To upgrade status: Mostly in the context of workers, they go back to school to complete a specific course in order to get promoted at work. For instance, some workers go back to school or institutions to complete a degree, masters, doctorate, in that order, to raise their various status.

3. To improve standard of living : Some individuals or students come from poor homes. The only way they can bridge the gap to improve their standard of living is to work or engage in small businesses. For instance, some work as cleaners, waitresses, store attendants or small food sellers to make ends meet.

Interviewing some persons who worked whiles schooling. They shared their experiences on how they made it happen.

Nana Nyarko, is a graduate at GTUC, Studied IT and majored in Web Development. He worked with the Ministry of Employment & Labour Relations (MELR) under the Department of Labour as an Inspector. He also runs a business (Vernsons Co. Ltd) with his brother, which is into sales  and installation of CCTVs, access controls, computer security equipment, Computers, iDevices, among others. He also does  part time social media management, events management, photo and video shoot with a group of friends called DEF Nation Limited and currently working on his first application.

From his perspective of working and schooling, he expressed that it is dependent on the individual to know how best he or she can combine the two, as well as finances.

“For it to be normal one needs to know his or her schedule (work & school) and how best the person can manage the two as well as the finances (if it is worth it).. For example, I was schooling myself from my salary and my work was such that it gave me the opportunity to have some time for studies”

Nana Nyarko, IT graduate from GTUC

He adhered to time management and discipline, which helped him make it. What he did in school differed from his work. He studied Information Technology (IT) at GTUC and worked with MELR under the department of labour. The interesting part was that, while working and schooling, he was able to make good use of his course IT because his working department migrated their activities online. Apps that helped him live an organized life are, app mail, whatsapp, Microsoft office and WordPress. Nana Nyarko falls in the category of working “to improve status” because he had passion for IT and wanted to improve on it to better himself.

Women are mostly considered as the weaker class in society and therefore, most of them do not multitask their activities in becoming who they really want to be in future. However, Elizabeth has a different mindset about what society perceives about women and therefore works hard to bridge the gap to achieve greater heights.

Elizabeth Sakaa Adjei-Anim is a strong lady who is active and works like a boss. She shares the view that the concept of working and schooling can be seen as a normal activity and considered as a culture.

Elizabeth is a 27 years old lady who schooled at Wesley girls, pursued English at the University of Ghana Legon and furthered her  education at NAFTI . She’s a copywriter,  director and a producer at Global Media Alliance.  First of three children, loves English and French. She loves to keep her old friends and make new friends. Her hobbies are reading, watching movies, and dancing. She loves talking to children and motivating people. She believes in  three things in life and those keep her going. They are;

” you believe what you can do, you do what you must do   and make sure you love everybody at the end” she said

Elizabeth Sakaa Adjei-Anim, Copywriter, Director and a Producer at Global Media Alliance.

Her principle is simple and is ever ready to serve her society.

” I think it is a great culture everybody should adapt, you can’t just be in one place  and decide not to go to school again…”

Elizabeth Sakaa Adjei-Anim, Copywriter, Director and a Producer at Global Media Alliance.

The course she studied in school had a relation to the work she does. She majored in English at the University of Ghana Legon and offered general arts in the senior high school level at Wesley Girls SHS. She currently works as a copywriter and loves her job because what she studied  has a relation to her job. At NAFTI and while working, she studied copywriting and scripting for adverts and documentaries and that has really boosted her productivity at work.

Her purpose of adapting the norm was to improve her status at work and to improve her standards of living .

In the process of working as a woman, she encountered some challenges. According to her , it was tough.

” Was tough Combing them with my social life just tough so i ended losing people but still kept my focus”

Elizabeth Sakaa Adjei-Anim, Copywriter, Director and a Producer at Global Media Alliance.

The social media apps that helped her work and life  to be more organized are; the final draft (for copyrighting and makes writing easier ), Google Drive , Key App and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Time management helped her to achieve her purpose of working and schooling and also helped to live a disciplined life.

The act of working and schooling is possible and it boils down on the individual to adapt discipline and time management to make it work. Therefore it’s not too late to make it happen if you’re not combining work with school.

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