Introducing YALife Merch for Ambitious people

Young and Ambitious Life, a new media publisher aimed at fueling the next generation of Africans to challenge the status quo and revolutionise their world has today, October 12, introduced its maiden collection of merchandise for Ambitious people.

The maiden collection of YALife Merch comes in four inspirational designs all to help ambitious people make a statement with their outfit and promote the need to invest as Ambitious Africans among others. The four inspirational designs that make the collection are;

Life of an African

This design was inspired by the need to motivate ambitious people to have a plan to earn money from their skills and knowledge, budget those expenses and invest a quarter of what they earn and finally repeat this cycle everytime.


This design was inspired by the need to have a conversation about investment as ambitious people. Are we investing, what are we investing into, do we know why we are investing?

Business Superpower

This design was inspired by the effort of African entrepreneurs who put in loads of effort to build their business from scratch to global brands like the likes of DreamOval, Citi FM, Papaye and also to question people about what they are doing with their inbuilt superpower.


This design was inspired by a number of entrepreneurs in our community who are constantly making the world a better place through their innovative ideas.

How to make an order for YALife Merch

Orders for YALife Merch are received through the official WhatsApp account, 059 365 8722 of Young and Ambitious Life,

Currently, YALife is accepting pre-orders from today October 12 until October 26 when we officially open the sale of YALife merch.

What size are available?
Currently, we have Medium, Large and Extra Large

What colors are available?
They are the traditional Young and Ambitious Life colors, black and white.

How much does it cost?

A merch from the first collection goes for GHS 50, part of this money goes to support our yet to be launched Digital Literacy project for second cycle students in Ghana.

WhatsApp Young and Ambitious Life to reorder your YALife Merch.

Click to order YALife Merch


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