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My Life After Uni: Mabel Nelson Dziwornu, CEO, BD Cosmetics

My Life After Uni shares life hacks from some of Ghana’s brightest business professionals on career success after University.

In this edition of My Life After Uni, we will be sharing with you a story of Mabel Nelson Dziwornu, a lady who is into the manufacturing of cosmetics.

  • Current role: CEO of BD Cosmetics
  • Location: Cape Coast, Ghana
  • University Attended: Cape Coast University
  • Program studied: Hospitality Management
  • One word to describe your uni life: Challenging

How will you describe your university life and its impacts on your life?

” It wasn’t easy for me at all. You know, my program of study was not difficult but it was extremely difficult for me because I was not interested. As a result, my potentials did not reflect on my certificate. I was more focused on doing something for myself. So in school, I opened a fast food joint called Perfect Choice catering service and I was doing that alongside schooling.
Honestly, although I was not interested in the course I was reading, I still took advantage of all the theories I learned and I implemented it and this has really helped me with my current business. And this has helped me to establish good relationships with clients.

What influenced your choice of study and is the choice still relevant to your career?

Interestingly, I did not choose the course I read at University, my nephew did. However, the course is still relevant because day in and day out, I come across customers with complaints and a lot of challenges. Frankly speaking, Hospitality Management has helped me to resolve a lot of client conflicts easily.

How was your national service days? What skills did you learn on the job?

Well, I had my National Service at Cape Coast Teaching Hospital where I worked in the kitchen because of my background, and I hated it so much. While having my service, I learned how to bake, hospital catering, and how to delegate.

BD Comestics products

How was your national service days? What skills did you learn on the job?

During the National Service period, I decided to do natural hair. I was fed up with my permed hair, I just needed something to keep my hair so I started exploring. I am also a lover of herbs anyway. I began reading more about herbs that can grow my hair well and that is what landed me in the cosmetics business now. I did my first experiment and sold it to the women I worked with at the hospital during my national service days and they loved it. After realizing I can work with this skill, I began with branding my business and I registered it as well. Now, thanks be to God I have my own production shop and an outlet at the market to sell my products. Now, I have about sixteen different products on the market.

What are the skills and tools that you think matters most in this current work life?

The first principle about cosmetics is measurement. You have to get a measuring tool like measuring cups and spoons, scale, thermometer, hydrometer, PH tester, etc. to know the amount of every single thing you are putting in your product. I also use a lot of herbs in my products. It may surprise you to know that I travel as far as outside Ghana to fetch for herbs for my products. Early this year, I traveled to Burkina Faso to get some of the herbs I use.

What advice do you have for fresh graduates about life after uni?

Okay..what I will say is that if you are in school, you have the best opportunity to explore and learn. Within the periods you spend, it should be very beneficial. You should also not focus only on theory. You need vocations as well. Do something with your hand because your certificate may fail you and your skills may only allow you to survive in a few years to come.

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