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Sobolo and Chill: Five lessons from The Wolf of Wall Street

Welcome to the very first post on our new Sobolo and Chill pointer on Young and Ambitious Life. The pointer Sobolo and Chill will be a section where we will talk about the movies & series we are watching and what we learned from them and why you should see them too.

It is of great concern to take into consideration certain things when venturing into any business environment. There are a few things for you as an individual to look at and spend some time to focus on some of these little things you may or might not be aware of that can take your business to the next level or send your crashing to the pit. But its good to get your game on from the word go and keep on striving till you arrive at your destination. Here are a few lessons for your perusal from the movie The Wolf of Wall Street.

1. Take your time

Time we are all aware is a great asset for every individual, but how and what you make of it is what determines your level of growth or development. Do not be in a rush to get things started or done if you do not have any idea of what it takes for you to execute it. When running a business you must take your time to analyze everything that is presented to you no matter what form it may be in. So never rush take your time and get things done in the proper order.

2. Simplify

One of the surest ways of getting things done is by breaking it down to the simplest form. And this cue can be taken from observing the smartest insect in the universe the ant. When the ant wants to get a chunk of an object transferred from one location to another, it collaborates with others by breaking that chuck into tiny pieces so as to get the job done smoothly and successfully. That is why there is a need for every entrepreneur or businessman to get things broken down to the simplest form for every member of the firm to be able to put in their maximum effort and get the job done successfully. Just take a look at the role Belfort played in the movies.

3. Put together a loyal team

In the movie we take a look at the roles of the following guys Kenny Greene and Danny Porush, they were not the best or smartest guys. However, they were kind of old friends who were loyal to Belfort. What this implies is that sometimes it is good to work with old friends who knew and liked you before you become successful so that they can stay close when things get tough. By doing this you get to reduce the risk of having people who will run you out when things are not right and you get to receive positive feedback instead of having people who don’t care or get your vision on certain goals you have set out for yourself.

4. Diversify your competence

The reason why Belfort and Porush were a good team was because of their differences. One was highly strategic while the other was a good enforcer. As in the case of these two men one was analytical and long term oriented whereas the other was emotional and short-sighted, they were both good at different things – but they came together as a team and were a perfect combination for their firm. That is what it takes to be the best. Diversity is a great tool so you must learn to use it effectively.

5. Create expectations

From the movie, we realize that at Stratton Oakmont employees were expected to put in their maximum to make all the money and anything short of this was highly disregarded so there is the need for you to set up great expectations and work together as a team to achieve that.

Bonus: Be good friends with your employees

It is good to have a great relationship with your employees so as to foster growth. When you have a good relationship with your employees one of the benefits it brings is that based on that relationship sometimes they go a step further by taking certain things personally so much that at times they are willing to make certain sacrifices just for the good of the firm. So learn to treat your employees right.

Some other things to look out for in the movie includes

  1. Establishing a concrete reputation.
  2. Studying history and learning from past mistakes.
  3. Guarding your secrets.
  4. Keeping your employees happy.
  5. Trying and trying again when things don’t go as planned.
  6. Providing a solution to the challenges that we face.
  7. Executing projects based on perceived ideas.
  8. Creating core values that will help in the administration of the business etc.

We hope to see you around next week Friday for the next edition of Sobolo and Chill. Did you learn something new from a movie you saw? Send us your suggestions to or comment below.

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