Sobolo and Chill

Sobolo and Chill: Sapience from Prison Break

What better way to chill than enjoying a great series over Sobolo and some popcorn?

The YALife cinema is lit with a breathtaking series. Yes! Just a bit out of the usual. 

“Prison Break” is a seasonal movie that tells the story of one Michael Schofield who went out of his way to break his brother Lincoln Burrows out of prison. The series is intertwined with love, betrayal, envy, deception, power, politics, amongst many others but most importantly exposes the corruption that has been woven into the very fabric of society.

Not your usual choice of a movie as a Young Entrepreneur but little did you know that this series has in it lessons that if integrated into your business and even your life as a whole can catapult you into greater success.

Pour yourself some sobolo and let’s learn as the series unfolds.


One very emphatic lesson that the series exposes even at the initial stage is planning. This is seen in the character of Micheal Schofield as he planned for months a breakout of his brother from prison. In life, you need to have a clear path for yourself. The same with business, as an entrepreneur you need to have a clear vision of what your business is and where you want it to get to and this can be achieved if you plan ahead of time. It is also important to note that not every plan is 100% accurate thus you need to always have a contingency.


As social beings we need each other to survive. The people you surround yourself with can make or unmake you. In business, you need to assemble a team that can better make your vision a reality. Your teammates should have a unique selling proposition that is a critical component in unearthing your vision. Micheal Schofield recruited his roommate Sucre into his breakout because of his drilling abilities and they became friends throughout the series.

Competition is key

Image source: FOX Broadcasting Co.

In the business environment, you may be having a business similar if not the same as that of others. You need to embrace the competition and always strive to be better than your competition. This prevents one from being complacent thus always wanting to better serve your customers. In relating it to the series, while the team was gradually executing their plan, an officer in the prison known as officer Bellick was impeding their progress. But Micheal embraced the competition and was smart enough to outwit him.

Be observant

Image source: FOX Broadcasting Co.

Schofield is very observant, everywhere he finds himself he studies the place and familiarizes himself with the place in his mind. Even before one can start a business being observant is a mandatory requirement. This is because most businesses were established because they were solving a problem thus  one needs to be observant in order to be able to identify a problem in your locality that needs solving. 

You may just find a business out of it by solving that problem. 

Carve a niche

Image source: FOX Broadcasting Co.

It is very important to carve a niche for yourself in a market that is saturated with the same business model. Your business needs to have that one thing that sets out itself from the others. It could be in packaging or branding but have a niche for your business. This can be achieved by studying your target market. Funny enough after Schofield was able to break his brother out of prison he got contracted to break others out of the most seemingly impossible prisons.

Other lessons include;

Be Transparent

Be Smart

Think Out Of The Box

Trust Is Key

Know What You Want;Be A Go-Getter

Have A Fighting Spirit

Know Your Potential

Timing Is Everything and that brings us to the end of the series.

Wow! Such an inspiring series. I hope you enjoyed the series as much as I did. Be sure to integrate these lessons into your business and in your life as a whole.  

Do schedule a date and let’s meet again to watch another captivating movie.

Oops! the Sobolo is finished.

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