Why entrepreneurship can be for everyone but may not be for everyone

Ask people whether entrepreneurship is something they would consider and you’ll get some replies like; “I am too old”; “No! Am too young”; “oh! am still thinking”; “Not yet! I am still looking for an idea “.

With such views racing through lots of people’s minds I dare ask, Is Entrepreneurship for everyone? For any avoidance of doubt; the Oxford dictionary defines entrepreneurship as

 “The activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risk in the hope of profitsand an entrepreneur asa person who set up a business or businesses, taking on financial risk in the hope of profit.”

Entrepreneurship seems to be the only saving grace for the youth even now more than ever as unemployment continues to loom around and job opportunities seem to be on a downturn. 

Unfortunately, most people because of uncertainty are afraid to take that bold step towards starting their own business. It is worth mentioning some of Africa’s leading entrepreneurs; Aliko Dangote, Dr. Papa Kwesi Ndoum, Mark Essien, among many others.

In a conversation with Ms. Silvia Fugah, a student entrepreneur, she made me understand that entrepreneurship isn’t specifically for the educated elite, for the young, neither the old nor does it have an age limit but depending on your age you may not have a skill set for entrepreneurship.

“The system in Ghana is leading the trend or demand that is informing the youth as to what options they have as entrepreneurs ”, she said.

Undoubtedly, some youth have embraced entrepreneurship and set on a course to realising their dreams. Youngsters like Papa Asamoah Angoe, a photographer contributing to the photography industry, Eric Vondee, who is also immensely supporting the education sector, Elisha Boie, a fashion designer making waves in the fashion industry just to mention a few. 

Amidst the uncertainty and the fear of failure they took that bold step into their future and even though they continue to strive on, they have that firm belief that they are set on the right course.

It only takes a problem solver to be an entrepreneur but the risk and uncertainty may push people away. The fear of the unknown is indeed detrimental to entrepreneurship and thus deprives lots of people of taking that first step to realising their entrepreneurial abilities. I choose to define FEAR, an acronym as, Face Everything And Rise or Forget Everything And Run.

A school of thought does argue that it is worth getting employed in the company of your dream job than going through the hassle and bustle of starting your own business.

An entrepreneur in the person of Afia Ampomah-Adjei also shared her thoughts and has similar views saying

“ Entrepreneurship can be for everyone but if the commitment is not there then it might not be for you.”

She went further to say age is not a barrier or a limitation but check your strength and commitment level. Unfortunately, she asserted to the fact that people don’t challenge themselves to explore but like to stick to the status quo.

It is thus clear that entrepreneurship can be for everyone but it may not be for everyone. This is because individuals have different skill sets, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and desires that may direct their path either towards or away from entrepreneurship. 

Evidently, the technological dispensation that we find ourselves in has given entrepreneurship a new look where you can be anywhere and sell without moving back and forth, thus a major benefit of digital tools. Considering all these I dare ask;

Is Entrepreneurship For You?

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