Women in Leadership, a journey worth celebrating

Many are times where women are seen to be individuals not capable of holding or occupying leadership roles. Ask people whether it’s possible for a woman to become a president or become a CEO and you will get some responses like, “No, never, a woman is too weak to handle a leadership role. ” A woman is supposed to serve the family and not to go loggerheads with men on power and leadership”.

With these views, I therefore ask ,” Do women contribute to the growth of the society or they just add up to the numbers? A quick research on the word leadership ;

” Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that your impact lasts in your absence” whilst ” a leader is someone who can see how things can be improved and who rallies people to move towards that better vision ” .

One can clearly testify that the 21st century woman is gradually making their leadership presence felt in all aspect of life, in education, entrepreneurship, health, administration, engineering and many more all at the regional ,national and at the global level. Yes, the 21st century woman is now resolved to break the traditional glass ceiling that barred them from entering leadership positions even if they possessed skills and talents to occupy them.

To mention a few, the world has witnessed phenomenal and advert women leaders like, Ngozi Okonyo-Iweala, first black woman to be appointed Director- General of the World Trade Organization(WTO) ,Oprah Winfrey who is making waves in the media space as a CEO, Sirleaf Ellen Johnson, former president of Liberia who was able to ensure peace in Liberia after the war outbreak, Beyoncé, Grammy award winning musician who has over the years broke and set records in the music industry which is male dominated .

One of the renowned quotes said by one of the world’s greatest leader Sheryl Sandberg ;

“In the future, there will be no female leaders, there will just be leaders”

Sheryl Sandberg

In a conversation with Ms. Angelina Anita Ama Annobil, a Youth and Rural Development Activist and the founder of Mbasiafo, she made me understand that women are leaders, infact very good leaders because naturally and by nature women are born leaders considering the role they play in the society. She further explained and I quote ;

“I think it’s worth celebrating the milestones and achievement of woman when in leadership but not necessarily because they are ”

Ms. Angelina Anita Ama Annobil, a Youth and Rural Development Activist

Similarly having an exclusive interview with Ms. Victorine Vondee, a Mastercard Foundation Alumnae , a Baobab Ambassador, an entrepreneur and a physician assistant. She shared her views on how she is able to balance her life especially with her being a frontline worker in this covid moment and making sure her business survives as well. Speaking to her, “she explained that she is motivated to do more when people confide in her and their input reassures her of being on the right path as a leader as she appreciate growth everyday ” .

Once leadership is assured ,challenges and fear is also associated. Yes, women can achieve and go the extra mile but quite unfortunately many women shy away from leadership roles. It is likely to see women shy away from positions due to reasons like family roles, societal duties and what have you . From Vondee, she said,

” More women can be less frightened by the term leadership if they are able to view problems as opportunities to serve and make an impact “.

Ms. Victorine Vondee, a Mastercard Foundation Alumnae

In most cases, women who try to challenge the status quo are tagged or intimidated by the society . Regardless, it is most worthy to celebrate women in every leadership role within one social ,corporate and gov’t structure from our homes to every institution and organization. Given the small number of women in leadership roles and the challenges hitherforce , it is obvious to say that the journey is worth celebrating.

It is essential to celebrate the successes and failures of women with accomplishment so that their stories can be shared and be used to motivate the next generation especially young women and girls so that they will be well informed about the possible challenges they face and psyche themselves up for the future .

So beautiful readers, before I close the curtains for today’s series , I dare to ask, considering all that is said, do you agree that women in leadership are worth celebrating?


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