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Young and Ambitious Show: Developing Smart Goals, Lady Queen Blankson

Is your goal in life missing that one ingredient to make it even more “delicious”? Freight Not! Episode four of Driving Your Dream Season of Young and Ambitious Show holds that ingredient.

Yes! The object of a person’s ambition is his goal and it needs to be SMART. SMART as an acronym is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timebound. Now you know what we mean when we dubbed the episode 4 “ Developing Smart Goals”

Lady Queen Blankson who is CEO and founder of Cake is Art in Takoradi shared an insightful story on how she came to love baking which eventually lead her to set up her business. She also shares her challenges, achievements, and vision as well as her most sought after product “red velvet cake “ and how one can sustain a business in baking.

What better way to develop smart goals than profiling some of Africa’s greatest entrepreneurs; Dr. Papa Kwesi Ndoum, Mark Essien, Strive Massiba, Aliko Dangote, and Mansa Musa.

Yaw and Joel also share with us How to integrate different payment systems into your startup business and why as well as Storage Devices and the many options available to choose from in business and tech buzz segments respectively. And by way of a surprise, we also invited unto the show Emelia Pistir and Bright, two of our most interactive fans to share how their exposure to YA Show has inspired them.

Take a listen to the full podcast for even more in-depth knowledge of each segment and insight shared with our guests and hosts in order to develop that smart goal that you aspire so much to set.

About Young and Ambitious Show

Young and Ambitious Show is a business podcast targeted at inspiring young Ghanaians to get into entrepreneurship. The show aired for three seasons live on Radio Premier 100.5 FM in Takoradi every Sunday during the year 2016 – 2018 and was also made available online as a podcast on Mixcloud.

The show engaged some of Ghana’s bright minds in youth development and entrepreneurship in Ghana and also sparked conversations around entrepreneurship about Ghanaian youth. It was hosted by four business-minded young Ghanaians Benedictus Tay, Daniella Sackey, Joel Arthur, and Yaw Antwi Owusu.

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